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Ultimate Marketing Maximizer Workshop

Generate the copy for the entire marketing system that actually works, gets more customers and makes more money without spending a bomb on Ads or hiring expensive copywriters

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This workshop is spread across 2 days total:

November 20 - 2021
9 am to 12 noon EST



Day 1

Day 2

November 21 - 2021
9 am to 12 noon EST



Day 1

November 20 - 2021 Saturday (9 am to 12 noon EST)

Copywriting for Conversion

(FREE Session! You’ve registered for this.)

Design the custom unconventional ways to generate quality leads for your business with 4 core principles

Write more emails with world’s best copy hackers secret formula

Generate marketing copy without frustration!

Write the copy that converts & grow your sales with right words

Design your first customized email sequence as a part of the live workshop work to convert prospects into customers! (Scratch this one off from your To-Do List at the end of this workshop)

Discover the secrets of Sales Growth with power of words


You want to stop getting overwhelmed & frustrated

You need to focus on your business

You want to save time and make more money

Day 2

November 21 - 2021 - Sunday (9 am to 12 noon EST)

Charismatic Closing Secrets

(PAID session - Register NOW! Don’t Miss the special offer!)

Generate more sales with 7 charismatic closing techniques used by successful sales giants

Convert more customers with right technique over emails or phone or even one-on-one meetings

Discover 3 secret elements framework of storytelling to 3x your conversions

Re-create your own story with this new framework and get live feedback.

Combine the power of Copywriting (Day 1) with Closing to create Bulletproof Marketing System to put your Sales on auto-pilot


You want to avoid making losses in ads

You want to convert more customers

You need to grow sales and make more money

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Bonus 1

Conversion Email Sequence (To be delivered during the live workshop)

Build repo with your prospects, show authority and make them Buy it from you!

  • Generate Customised Email Sequence as a part of this workshop
  • Get your questions answered.
Why you need it

You want to convert more customers

You want to save time while writing copy

You want to write copy that sells

Bonus 2

8 Free canvas templates (Delivered to your email in 5-10 minutes after paid registration)

create beautiful social media graphics in MINUTES

  • 2 Facebook Cover Templates
  • 2 Square Instagram / Facebook Post Templates
  • 2 Instagram Story Templates
  • 2 Pinterest Templates
Why you need it

You want to save time in design

You want to give structure to your posts

You want to show off cool designs

Bonus 3

Social Media Ideas Calendar (Delivered to your email in 5-10 minutes after paid registration)
Fill up your calendar with ideas to generate content for your social media
  • Use the ready-made ideas calendar for your social posting.
  • Take the guess work and brainstorming out from social media content development.
  • Grow your social following with ease and attract quality customers faster.
Why you need it

You want to generate ideas for social postings

You want to save time brainstorming

You need to generate more leads consistently

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Warning – this isn’t for everyone…



Excited about finally turning that product / business idea you have into an achievable plan.


Tired of buying courses that are all fluff - keeping you in consumption mode and not production mode.


Ready to build the confidence of making consistent sales without chasing after leads and doing cold outreach


Looking for something that doesn't require you to spend hours every day on your business, but still able to grow with consistent effort.


Excited to share your gifts with the world.


Committed to doing the work to get your results.



Expect results without putting in any work.


Aren't willing to stretch yourself in order to grow.


Don't want to share your gifts with the world


Don't focus on trust and authenticity with everything you do.


Aren't able to keep a positive attitude and learn from every piece of data you gather in your journey.


Looking for getting quick rich scheme

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't have funnel yet?

Don’t worry! I will walk you through the ideal blueprint to setup the funnel for your product or service with simple steps! Moreover, I will also show you how to generate the right copy on each step in order to make any funnel a winning funnel.

Do I need to be a Copywriter to attend this?

Not at all! It is not necessary that you need to be a copywriter to attend this workshop. We will ask you the right questions and fill out a simple questionnaire to generate the best marketing copy within a few minutes!

I'm really not tech savvy... can you help me?

Absolutely – that’s my mission in life 🙂 This workshop is designed in such a way that any non-technical person can easily understand and use the system.

What happens when timer hits zero?

When the timer hits zero, you will be automatically redirected to a different page that will show the higher price page. (or it might show the Offer Expired page – when we hit the max count)

Why is this only $47?

I’m putting my best foot forward, giving you something of insane value for a no-brainer price. I want to earn your trust so you can achieve your goals – and if you need any further help along the way, I’ll be there to help you!

When do I get access to everything?

Workshop is the live workshop that you will attend on the given dates.
Bonus 1 – Conversion email sequence will be customized and designed for you during this workshop itself.
Bonus 2 – 8 Canva social media templates will be delivered to you right after you make the payment. (approx 5-10 minutes)
Bonus 3 – Social Media Ideas Calendar will be delivered to you right after you make the payment. (approx 5-10 minutes)

Do I need to use a specific program?

Nope! You don’t require any special programs to use any of the bonuses. Moreover, workshop is also generic and you can attend from your laptop or tablet from your home. 🙂

Will I get the recordings of this event?

I recommend attending this event live due to nature of this workshop. As you will get maximum benefits attending it live. Just in case, if the dates are not suitable for you, you can make a small additional payment in the next step to receive the recordings of this event. However, I strongly recommend to attend the live event!

Look at what just a FEW of our students are saying!

This was a real eye-opener for me. I was losing money on ads and was blaming social media for that. In fact the problem was with my own ad copy. Thank you so much for this wonderful system! Dipen is a wonderful guy and really loved the content and presentation. Gained a lot of insights and that helped me to increase our leads and conversions by more than double!

Brian J

The moment my friend told me about this workshop, I said this is for me! I attended the workshop at super small ticket price and it was worth 100 times more. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sales conversions while selling online.

Rax W

I registered for the 1 day free event and then upgraded my registration with tiny investment. I learned the new concepts that challenged my perspective about sales completely. I made many changes in my Sales copy, marketing copy and emails to customers and that totally transformed my business. We increased our conversions more than 230% with all the minor tweaks and tricks I discovered during the live workshop. Must attend program.

John S.

I am a life coach and was burning cash in marketing. I spent several sleepless nights creating and perfecting the copy for my landing page, product page, with no conversions. Attending this program helped me to make the changes that converted 10 new coaching clients just from the organic reach without running any ads! Kudos to Dipen for these wonderful sessions! Really helpful and practical exercises during the workshop!

Jim H.

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Ultimate Marketing Maximizer Workshop

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Hey, my friend. Dipen here.

Certified International Trainer, Product Owner, CSPO, Business Analyst, Engineer, MBA-IT, PGD-Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Delivered 2000+ successful technology projects

Helped 300+ business owners for business growth

14+ Years of professional experience

Coached 500+ Business owners

MBA with PGD into innovation from leading IT B-school

Certified Marketer from Donald Miller’s Marketing Made Simple University

Certified International Trainer

Social Media Influencer with 30K+ connections

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