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As we know, it is unlikely to be the death of social media. The greater influence on public discourse is not going to change but increasing day by day. So, social media marketing is a major and very important factor in marketing. 

If we take a look back in 2019, we can conclude that the key to success is Personalized content. Brands are listening to their audience, engaging more with them. 

There are so many social media platforms available but three top social media platforms are driving the most traffic. The market leader Facebook provides the highest engagement with 2.23 billion MAUs followed by youtube and whats app respectively. Facebook also gives the highest ROI.

To polish your social media strategies in 2020 and in situations like corona-virus pandemic we will go through some discussion about social listening, investing in your audience and avoid using social media as a broadcast channel.    

1. Invest in your audience:

Marketers use various social media tactics to organize a successful campaign. But according to them, Social listening is No. 1 tactic and used by most of them.

Other social media tactics, commonly used by marketers are listed below:

  1. Social Listening
  2. Direct Messaging
  3. Live Video
  4. User-generated Content
  5. Hashtags
  6. Augmented Reality

Listening to the audience means taking steps on the basis of what your audience really wants. Once you know what your audience wants you know how to lure them.