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Dipen Makati

Our Storyteller & Chief Solutions Officer

Dipen Makati is our storyteller and chief solutions officer of our team. In his career of 14 years, Dipen has worked with 300+ business owners to grow their businesses exponentially by building IT systems and generating new revenue channels. Dipen carries several certifications and ocean of knowledge in field of IT product design, agile development methodology and corporate entrepreneurship. Dipen is passionate about marketing and use of technology in marketing. He is non-techie with a technology mindset and always ready to solve the real business problems. He has travelled to 8 countries. He is also a Bio-hacker, Scuba diver and a regular yoga practitioner. Dipen is a visionary leader and strongly believes that entrepreneurs and marketers can change the world for better.

Bhumika Patel

Technology Architect

Bhumika is our Technology Architect. Bhumika brings the knowledge and expertise of building the quality products and has worked on several technologies in past 12 years. She solves the technology problems with human touch. She has worked on designing & architecting numerous products for overcoming the marketing challenges. Photography and journalism are her passion areas.

Dipen Raval

Customer Success Executive

Dipen Raval is our Customer Success Executive. Dipen helps our clients to solve their system implementation challenges. Dipen has focused mindset and gets the task done without errors. Dipen has the full product knowledge of all of our various products suites and delivers the best solution in shortest possible time. Dipen creates most expensive commodity – “Time” for our clients by taking care of their marketing technology integration needs. Biking and speed are his adrenaline boosters.

Atman Kakadia

Technology Partner

Atman Kakadia is our Technology Partner. Atman has more than 8 years of technical expertise in implementing cutting edge technologies for the quality products. He finds the best solutions for the technology challenges. He has developed several successful products. He leads the new development for our product suites.