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“We don’t know what content we should create”

“Social media was not effective in past campaign”

“We didn’t get enough reach as expected”

I am sure you would have heard similar stories from your clients in the past.

To solve your problems we have given details about 5 critical content marketing techniques that you would definitely wish to use.

1. Content Marketing Strategy: 

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Before getting started with any mission or taking action towards the goal you need to plan a strategy which could give you the approx guarantee of your success.

A good starting point of your content marketing strategy could be defining your goals. Defining what you want to achieve first, will give you a direction to work and will make your strategy easy to implement. 

You need to build a strong personality of your client. The buyer will want to see a strong brand positioning. You should give that to your client which could also be used by you for future content creation.

If your relationship is good with your client, you can also demand if they have some unused material like a written blog, article or maybe any printed old news about the brand. You can use this data for your repurposed or reformatted content creation.

Another step for content marketing strategy could be creating a calendar.  It can be used to follow a schedule. The calendar could also be divided into the parts depending upon the type or amount of content your client wants to publish. The calendar can also show you and to your client the progress you are making. It can be used to evaluate your efforts. 

2. Content Creation:

Blogging, article writing, photography, videography, online commentary, maintenance of social media accounts or maintenance of websites etc comes under content creation. You need to create all the above stuff to create some content for your brand. 

Sometimes, content creation could be intimidating for brands who use traditional marketing methods. You can demonstrate the value of your content by walking your client through various offers you have for content creation and what impact will it make on the audience of your client.   

No matter what medium you are using based on industry or client but blend of the blogging, email, social media, article and premium content will work best for most of the businesses. 

For good content creation, you need to be up to date, stay current, improve your skills, understand your client’s audience and write often. You need to follow a pattern or format, find a voice and give good practical examples. 

You need to make sure that content you are creating is attracting the audience and is aligned to the client’s goals. 

3. Content Optimization:

Content optimization is a process of making sure that your content is fascinating for clients’ audience and attracting potential customers. 

Creation of content is only a half process, optimizing it also an important task to perform. Your content should be both visible and optimizable to create a strong impact on the business.

It is not the task you want to skip. It is very important to optimize your content to see your progress and conversions also. For content optimization, you could take the help of an analytics report. You could also use SEO best practices, keyword research, user behaviour and competitive insights. You can also go for searching what type of audience you are attracting and what else are their interests. 

4. Content Promotion:

It is the important step of your content marketing strategy. For strong content promotion you need to include multi-channel approach in your strategy. 

You can use the influencer marketing to promote your content. It involves brands collaborating with online influencers to promote product or service. Online collaborators are genuinely influential. 

Product placement is another way to promote your content. It is a very effective promoting tactic and results can be evaluated very faster than any other. It could be aligned with influencer marketing. 

Social media is another way to promote. In this section you can use facebook marketing, instagram marketing, twitter marketing etc. sending promotional emails to the potential customers is a part of email marketing.

If you use all the above techniqe for your content promotion, we can say that you have put your efforts and results would be positive guaranteed.

5. Content Maintenance:

When you come to the content maintainance, it is something you need to actively plan for. If the content gets old, it will not be fascinating for cutomer and customer tends to loose interest in the brand. And this will affect your sales or you may have to face losses.

To maintain your content you should review it on time to time. Do changes if required. See reports if the content is still driving as much traffic as it was before. Be up to date with global situations. Times like where covid-19 has taken all over the world, you should relate your content with this and create some new attracting content. Your content need to be changes time to time.

That is how you will maintain content and do your content marketing to drive traffic to your client and convert potential audience into customers.